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Robert Imbriale

Robert Imbriale has been helping business owners build more successful businesses since 1995. His approach is unique in that he combines traditional direct marketing with psychology and personal coaching. He is the author of the book Motivational Marketing (Wiley 2007) and has personally coached over 3,000 business owners.

His articles have been published worldwide and read by millions of business owners and he has appeared on television, radio, and web casts throughout his career. One of Robert's core beliefs is that what makes one person a success is rarely the thing that will work for any other person. Robert is the founder of TheMarketingNetwork.TV and a frequent host on the courses offered on the network.

Our Instructors
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Mitch Axelrod

Mitchell Axelrod is founder of Axelrod & Associates, a business consulting firm, Axelrod Learning, a publisher of business and life skills training, workshops and materials. Consulting and speaking since 1978, Mitch has presented more than 3,500 live seminars, workshops, lectures, keynotes, webinars and clinics on business, sales, marketing, life skills and playing the NEW game.  (Watch Now)

Melanie Benson

Melanie Benson (formerly Melanie Strick), a Revenue Strategist and Business Performance Optimizer, is a guide for conscious entrepreneurs ready to accelerate their impact and income by making their business perform 10 times better.  With over 12 years experience in corporate America, Melanie specializes in aligning visionary, game-changing entrepreneurs who are emerging as leaders with the most powerful mindset, actions and strategies that propel them to a level of success they never knew they could achieve. (Watch Now)

Shahar Boyayan

Shahar has worked on TV in her country (Brazil) for over 20 years and was the owner of 2 of the biggest talent agencies in the country. She has helped create hundreds of celebrities over the years. One of her talent agencies was called Funny Faces and proved to the market that people that don't fit  the beauty standard sell more than models. The agency got a lot of media attention for over 6 years and was number one in the country. She has directed 3 TV specials for Rede Vida and 2 movie shorts. (Watch Now)

Tianna Conte

Tianna Conte Dubs, N.D. is a unique blend of mystic and scientist. Born with the gift of multi-sensory abilities, her mystical roots have led to a career spanning over twenty five years as a trained naturopath, ordained interfaith minister, initiated shaman, and psycho-spiritual therapist specializing in enlightened self care and personal evolution. Her passion to integrate ancient wisdom with cutting edge technology in energy psychology has earned her an international reputation as a “physician” to the soul.

Debbie Lynn Grace

Debbie started her professional career in the direct marketing industry in the early 80's where she was an Account Supervisor overseeing multi-million dollar direct mail campaigns for clients such as Citibank, Hewlett-Packard and Wells Fargo Bank. In 1991 she became Vice President of Marketing for a 4.5 billion dollar Financial Institution in Chicago.

Today Debbie is a Transformational Leader, Author and International Speaker. She feels blessed and honored to use her intuitive gifts, energy skills and 30 years of professional experience to support people worldwide to show them how to dissolve all the energy blocks that prevent them from living a life of authenticity, passion, fulfillment, creativity and abundance. (Watch Now)

Jeanette Joy Fisher

Besides flipping houses, Jeanette Fisher taught interior design psychology college courses and seminars on real estate investing.
Jeanette, author of textbooks and real estate investing books including Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars and Home Staging with Design Psychology, and her large family of expert house rehabbers were featured on a special edition of TLC’s Flip That House. During filming, Brian Fisher passed away suddenly. This episode of Flip That House sponsors Habitat for Humanity. (Watch Now)

Terri Levine

Terri is a business mentoring expert and the Chief Heartrepreneur® at Heartrepreneur® LLC. She is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, radio host, and appears regularly in the media as a business coaching and consulting expert. Terri got fed up with how business was treating prospects, customers, employees, and vendors and decided to shift the business mindset and created the term Heartrepreneur® to overhaul how we do business today. Dr. Levine is disrupting how business owners communicate, sell, and market their businesses. (Watch Now)

Silvica Rosca

Silvica is a full time career and mental performance coach - helping women who work in male dominated industries and entrepreneurs facing the challenges of running a business to master the mental game, get the new skills, tools and systems they need to help create the mindset, focus and level of productivity they need to be the CHAMPIONS of their field. (Watch Now)

Lisa Rothstein

After starting out as a street performer in NYC, I became an award-winning copywriter and associate creative director on Madison Avenue and in Paris for advertising agencies Y&R, Ogilvy and Lowe, and wrote copy on brands such as IBM, Hanes and Dr Pepper. I was copywriter /ACD on the "Wait'll We Get our Hanes On You" campaign and participated in many successful new business pitches, notably IBM. I now consult on marketing and copywriting to corporate clients & high-level entrepreneurs. (Watch Now)

Laura Rubinstein

Coach Laura Rubinstein is known for her Marketing and Relationship Development Consulting. As a Certified Social Media Marketing Strategist, Hypnotherapist and Master Leadership Coach, she works with business owners, speakers, authors, and service providers around the globe.  With more than twenty years of marketing experience and focus on relationship building, Laura’s creative, innovative, and elegant strategies make her a highly sought after professional. Specializing in social media training, consulting and strategy development for business owners, Coach Laura works with professionals helping them to develop their brand and buzz on social media. (Watch Now)

Rhoberta Shaler

Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor, offers urgent and ongoing care for couples and companies globally.
She is the creator of Coupleology™: The Learnable Art of Healthy Relationship, and the author of fourteen books. Well-known for her gentle, effective blend of humor and practical wisdom, Dr. Shaler shares her insights as a relationship consultant, author and professional speaker. (Watch Now)

Adam Urbanksi

I’m a marketing strategist to coaches, consultants and other service professionals. I’m a small business change agent, marketing wiz, trainer, facilitator, speaker, and above anything else – passionate entrepreneur.

In 1989 I emigrated to United States from Poland. With only $194 in my pocket and very limited ability to speak English my humble beginnings were not always a walk in the park.

Since then I owned and co-owned several successful ventures. Some of my businesses generated millions of dollars in sales. My first “claim to fame” was in a fast food/restaurant/coffee business… I co-owned, owned and eventually sold a small chain of bagel/coffee shops in southern California. (Watch Now)

Russ von Hoelsher

Here are some things I'm about....
First and foremost I am a Direct Response Marketing Professional! I'm also the author of more than 50 books and manuals, with over 3 million sold. Titles include: "How to Make a Fortune Selling Information", "How to Achieve Total Success", "Stay Home & Make Money", and "Real-Estate Wealth Building Opportunities".

I've been called the "Ace Of Space Advertising" and my ads have been in publications as editorial diverse as "National Enquirer" and "The Wall St Journal". I'm best known for writing long-form direct mail sales letters that get results! Also, for offering Coaching programs for both newbies and established Direct Marketing companies. (Watch Now)